About us


Muhammad Rubeel Raza

Managing director

Muhammad Rubeel Raza is a highly skilled legal consultant specializing corporate law, white-collar crime, contract vetting, criminal law and international law. He has an impressive 15-year track record of providing expert legal advice and representation to clients of various industries. Mr Rubeel earned his law degree from the University of Punjab in 2007 and has been practicing law in various courts of law ever since. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to our management

Mrs. Asma Anwar


Mrs. Asma Anwar is the Co-Owner/Director of Desert Hawk Security Company, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). With a keen eye for emerging markets, Asma has been involved in various industries and has a proven track record of identifying and capitalizing on high potential ventures.
One of her most recent involvement has been with Desert Hawk Company. Mrs. Asma Anwar recognized the growing need for security services and saw an opportunity to take a part in the company to build strong reputation and a solid business model.
Mrs. Asma Anwar is known for her hands-on approach to investing, and aims to work closely with the management team of Desert Hawk to ensure that it continues to meet and exceed its strategic goals. She is also committed to the company's social responsibility initiatives, which include providing effective security services.
Overall, Mrs. Asma Anwar is a savvy individual with a passion for supporting businesses that make a positive impact on their communities. Her involvement in Desert Hawk is a testament to her strategic vision and commitment to responsible operations.

Our LeaderShip

lieutenant colonel
Chuadhry Muhammad Atif Iftikhar Goraya (R)

A seasoned Security & Administration professional with a wealth of diverse experience in various management capacities in security management, Intelligence operations, government relations, general administration, instructorship & leadership. 25 years of service in Pakistan Army as a commissioned officer till the rank of Lieutenant Colonel
Our Vision

To be the leading security services provider globally.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of safety and security achieving excellence in everything that we do.

Our Values